It’s hard to believe that Brad Pitt is 60 years old; he looks half his age. Yet, he is starring in the new F1 movie, simply titled “F1.” Imaginative. Anyway, the story goes like this:...
By DCB Editorial
July 8, 2024
Engineering Explained casts doubts on the Bugatti Tourbillon and provides a numerical breakdown of the likelihood that the V16-powered hybrid powertrain cannot achieve its claimed top speed of 500 kph. The YouTuber cites aerodynamic inefficiency...
By DCB Editorial
July 5, 2024
Cheeky-chappie Mat Watson of Carwow teams up with partner-in-crime Warrantywise to reveal the least reliable cars of 2024. Watch the video to see which car topped the list.
By DCB Editorial
July 1, 2024
The headline figures for the new Bugatti Tourbillion are impressive: £3.2M, 276mph, and an undisclosed 0-62mph time (performance details are still forthcoming, sub 2.0seconds apparently). The Tourbillion replaces the outgoing Chiron. A Tourbillion is a...
By Dave Sorrendino
June 21, 2024
Porsche has introduced a new 3.6-litre hybrid engine, replacing the twin-turbo setup with a single electric turbo and incorporating an electric motor in the gearbox along with a small battery pack. These changes aim to...
By DCB Editorial
June 17, 2024
Few people get to ask the burning, soul-searching question: is a Cadillac Le Mans Endurance racer faster than a Ferrari 296 GTB? However, if you work for Hagerty, a car insurance company, you get a...
By DCB Editorial
June 14, 2024