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In front of yanxie Hall

In front of yanxie Hall

In front of yanxie Hall

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    In front of yanxie Hall
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    Mu Shuli
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    Wine Novel
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2022-11-15 06:52:38
During the first anniversary, the case of the prince colluding with the Xie family to rebel shocked the government and the public. With the death of the prince, the Xie family, the head of the four families of Xuan Du, was also killed by the whole family. Overnight, the gate of Xie's house, once crowded with crowing birds, gradually declined into a forbidden area full of withered grass. Five years later, Xie Yiyi returned to the capital of Xuan as a woman disguised as a man and incarnated as Shen Dongrong. Later, he became an official in one fell swoop and worked with his master and old friends to plan revenge. During this period, he met Helian Rui, the second childe of Helian family. The two people gradually became interested in each other. When the fog is lifted, is the truth behind it as she thought? What should she do when the righteousness and faith she sticks to in her heart are destroyed in the old days, the swallow in front of Wang Xie's Hall flew into the homes of ordinary people. Sometimes prosperity and wealth ended, and the heart was like winter glory

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