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Ming Tang Sutra collection

Ming Tang Sutra collection

Ming Tang Sutra collection

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    Ming Tang Sutra collection
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    Slightly ill end
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    Beauty Read
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2022-05-15 05:42:34
Black Lotus wolf dog × Dignified and cold Princess one day, the baby of God fell into the human world a girl is a saint who has been searched and returned by her people in this son preference month family, he should have had his own family. He did not depend on others because of his mother's early death. Even his father rarely asked about his heart the saint doesn't think so. She thinks she has finally got rid of the dirty mother, the woman who once gave up the saint's honor for an external man and was abandoned and sold to a brothel the child who fell from the sky has red hair, and the saint sees it as a devil. Clean it with fire, otherwise it will bring disaster because the saint won't let him take his place as a true God... She is more pitiful than him, isn't she on the day of the execution of the fire, the princess of your oriental country, the daughter of the true God, robbed the Dharma field and left with the red haired devil. The people cheered, but the saint frowned, and everyone gave up.

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