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Be a big man in the survival game

Be a big man in the survival game

Be a big man in the survival game

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    Be a big man in the survival game
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    Fantasy secret net
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    Free Trial Novel
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2023-03-18 15:09:20
[Ding! Welcome to the game world. You have only one task - survive!] Xie Zhao accidentally got involved in the survival game and started the infinite survival copy in order to survive the wild forest is full of sharp blades that cut iron like mud the ancient bell in the building controls the cycle of infinite survival laboratory mutant species are piled up like a mountain, so violent the desert continent is also filled with thousands of years of secrets, which is thought-provoking... Xie Zhao cut through thorns and thorns in the game, eliminating the false and preserving the true, and finally harvested his own team when someone defies the door, the girl's cold cat eyes seem calm without waves, but in fact, they are doing things that make people's bone marrow tremble in this era of black eating, it is normal for the blade to lick blood!

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