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The end of rebirth

The end of rebirth

The end of rebirth

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    The end of rebirth
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    Lu Ziyu
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    Lava Novel
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2022-09-23 02:34:21
After she reached the top of the film at the age of 20, she had a bright future. The arrival of the end of the world destroyed all her prospects. She was betrayed and her life was in danger. She thought her life would end at the end of the world, but unexpectedly returned to the end four years ago. This time, she must protect the people she cares about and prevent the tragedy from happening again is the end coming? Evolution of all things ← accidental rebirth? Time backtracking ← GAO Leng movie emperor? Senior brother Tiantian ← gentle sister? Iceberg beauty ← who can tell her how everyone is OOC after rebirth! Stop, stop, what does the ghost with the saliva on the right want! What's that golden eyed zombie over there trying to do? Why are there ugly and heinous vampires? The world is too mysterious so she stepped on the bleeding ghost with her left foot, kicked the vampire's stomach with her right hand, and carried the Zombie's head in her hand: scared me, lost money ghosts, vampires, Zombies:?