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Bright mirror Xuanyuan

Bright mirror Xuanyuan

Bright mirror Xuanyuan

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    Bright mirror Xuanyuan
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2022-09-23 09:54:11
Peng Xiaoxiao was originally an ordinary chemistry college student in a small city. She was an only child with a well-off family. She was lazy by nature. She was obsessed with Feng Shui and didn't want to learn. Her ideal was to open a stall on the street and be a "magic stick"! But because of an accident, I fell asleep and dreamed back to Xuanyuan country, which is a country protected by the border Xuanyuan nationality is in charge of political power and military power. Shennong is proficient in the art of five elements. Huaxia nationality has controlled the financial lifeline of Xuanyuan country for generations, and Xibo nationality is good at using drugs. Peng Xiaoxiao incarnated as Xiaojing, the daughter of the Shennong patriarch. On the occasion of the celebration of Xuanyuan, the alien army suddenly spread its wings and circled over the border, blocking out the sky and the sun. The strange King broke through the border and swaggered in front of the Lord "strange and innocent, although you can break through the border, your soldiers can't" the Lord pretended to be calm and said. The different king said with a smile, "it's enough for me to destroy your little Xuanyuan!" the different king said as he moved forward, "Xuanyuan Yan, what can you compare with me? Those who know each other will give me those two crystal stones, otherwise I'll be in a bad mood and directly destroy your Xuanyuan country"... when the two countries go to war, Xiaojing has no choice but to embark on the road of looking for the soilless forest on the lake and the two divine beasts guarding it. Can the use of the five elements make her seek good fortune, avoid evil and save herself from danger? Secret skills that can exchange souls, secrets of mysterious women, wealthy and invincible bank families

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