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After being reborn with the prince

After being reborn with the prince

After being reborn with the prince

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    After being reborn with the prince
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    Flowing water without leaves
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-09-26 02:08:12
In his previous life, Fang Yihuan, who was imprisoned in the deep house, was killed one after another before his death... But the enemy felt at ease and enjoyed everything he had taken, covered in glory * when she opened her eyes again, she returned to fifteen at that time, everything had not happened, and there was still time to remedy all regrets save your good friend, slap your vicious aunt, protect your mother and brother, and the man who was afraid to drag himself to withdraw his marriage in the last life - who expected that man to be reborn like himself * later, Fang Yihuan's wedding day the husband of the previous life was so drunk that he ran after her and begged, "Huanhuan, please look at me." Fang Yihuan had gorgeous makeup, dressed in red, raised his feet around the man: "Lord Li, please respect yourself." turned and bumped into Mo Chengan's arms with dark eyes "what's left?" Fang Yihuan "..."