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Red dust fence

Red dust fence

Red dust fence

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    Red dust fence
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    Plum blossoms in the fields
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-23 18:39:56
Between me and landscape, just to meet you in the ordinary world, we are just ordinary gravel every time we meet, we are pushed forward by the tide we can survive only by following the trend. We can't be eliminated by the society only by constantly adapting and moving forward under the beautiful environment of socialist reform and opening up, watch how the little people Chen Ziang and his sister struggle see how a generation of young people strive to change with the development of the times this is not only a person's life track, but also the footprints of the development of the times taste their happiness, anger, love and hatred there are painful sadistic love and happy sweetness have reflection on responsibility and moral responsibility the baby has opened a new book! Penguins: 8146.