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Never forget

Never forget

Never forget

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    Never forget
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    Lattice crab
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2022-12-26 09:09:08
Multi perspective / twins / iceberg Xueba × When Xu Mian saw Shi Jin for the first time, he was deeply attracted by him he is so cold and dazzling if it weren't for the twin brother, Shi Jin didn't want to have any intersection with Xu Mian, the "trouble spirit" but the troublemaker seems... To have become the person who knows himself best after 12 years, they finally got together Xu Mian leaves without saying goodbye three years later, Shi Jin wore a wedding dress to steal the wedding "you are like that star to me. No matter how bright the neon light on the ground is, you can see its light, guide me and illuminate me through hundreds of millions of light years and layers of atmosphere." "Mr. Shi Jin, I am willing to restrain my nature, go against my instinct and love you forever. So, are you willing to marry me home?" I burned for you, I spent three years or more praying to God for your coming every day I used to be able to accept all your willful demands, but I can't do it Mian Mian, you missed me "the rest of your life is too long for you to forget." "then don't forget."

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