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I m a divine map

I m a divine map

I m a divine map

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    I m a divine map
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    Jin Jin so
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    Apple novel
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2022-10-05 02:35:07
Introduction: above the blue sea and blue sky, in the distant heavenly palace. The supreme old gentleman and Taiji Zhenjun are chatting about what they have seen in the heavenly palace in recent days by the alchemy furnace. They have heard that in recent years, there is a lack of aura in all regions of the earth, and there are few seedlings of cultivating immortals. No one has found that the spiritual pulse has been opened. Few people have soared, but the demon family is becoming larger and larger. This can be sad for all immortal families. The emperor of heaven ordered all immortal families to make a countermeasure. Taiji Zhenjun said, "what can I do?" Taiji Laojun said: "..." suddenly, Taiji Zhenjun took out a thing and said, "I came across a Nuwa stone. I think it has a strong immortal spirit. I'm afraid it takes a long time to absorb the immortal spirit in the upper world. If you help it, it can turn into an immortal body." "it's good. I think it's also a Nuwa stone. I hope it can complete the task and build a road."

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