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The devil dotes on his wife

The devil dotes on his wife

The devil dotes on his wife

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    The devil dotes on his wife
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    Fang Yin
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    Mp3 Books
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2023-03-23 16:38:32
Sometimes cute, sometimes enchanting! It's her disguise! Once you cross, you will become the waste material lady of the Imperial General's mansion! "What? Can't gather spiritual power? A waste?" Feng Youran sniffed. She firmly believes in a truth, that is' it's man-made '! Let's see how she can cut through thorns and thorns and kill all directions with a body of waste material, and incarnate the frightening blood evil Shura! His silver mask covers his face. His identity is mysterious and his cultivation is powerful. He waves through clouds and rain. It's frightening. It's said that he is the devil and the Shura of hell! However, after meeting the rumored eldest lady of waste materials in the Shenjiang mansion, she changed her old indifference and turned the cold that refused to be thousands of miles away into spring breeze and drizzle