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Deliberate pursuit

Deliberate pursuit

Deliberate pursuit

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    Deliberate pursuit
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    Falling and falling
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    18ws Read
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2023-03-18 13:58:42
When Cheng rang first saw Jiang He, he deliberately bumped into her. Jiang He ignored him and turned around and left over the past seven years, Jiang Yu has become a gold medal agent in the entertainment industry. She is smart, capable, calm and self-sustaining. No one knows that she has an inferiority complex and sensitive heart under her proud and indifferent appearance, and there is a person in her heart when Jiang and wanted to buy a second-hand computer in college, Cheng rang turned around and hung up the computer he had just bought for 15000. Jiang and soon added Cheng rang's QQ Cheng rang: "beauty, talk." Jiang Yu: "what are you talking about?" Cheng rang: "... Fall in love?" . seven years later, Cheng rang reappeared, smiling and pushing the account book, room book, car key and bank card to Jiang Yu: "I still need a certificate. Would you like to get a marriage certificate with me?" seven years ago, Cheng let chase, Jiang and escape seven years later, Cheng rang was still chasing, and Jiang He began to escape again you deliberately seduced me, and I unfortunately fell Cheng rang, the coquettish and narcissistic professional photographer, vs. Jiang Yu, the gold medal agent

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