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The big man became a hot star as a profiteer

The big man became a hot star as a profiteer

The big man became a hot star as a profiteer

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    The big man became a hot star as a profiteer
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    Your highness flying fish
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    Weixin Book
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2022-12-08 19:55:55
After awakening his power at the end of the world, Sinai tore up space and crossed the stars unfortunately, I was unlucky. I came to the poorest transformation star. The people here can't eat well and wear warm clothes. They don't talk about mining every day. They have to worry about star animal attacks in order to survive, Sinai rolled up his sleeves, killed stars and animals, made pharmaceutical agents, improved the land, planted grain, broadcast live broadcasts, and became a profiteer... accidentally, he became the boss of the poor mining is a tiring and thankless thing. Whoever likes to do it will do it bar elite 1: you are eating and dying. Only by mining can you obtain energy and make weapons to protect yourself the next day, the dean of the federal college said that the food made from grain was delicious and much better than nutrients Gang Jing:... Don't beat your face too fast Ganjing 2: your medicine is made of weeds and will eat dead people before long, the officers of the federal main force said publicly: Sinai, ask for medicine, and the price is up to you bar elite 2:... bar elite team: a garbage transformation star is cheap the next day: the Federation released a big news. Sinai bought several planets at one go, achieved business in the whole universe, and has occupied the first place in the interstellar rich list Gang elite team:... I cry with envy. Is there a pendant missing from the boss's leg people all over the world know that Sinai is a profiteer, but she can't control cutting her hands. As long as she produces new products, everyone will rush to buy them crying out whether anyone can take care of the profiteer, everyone will go bankrupt later... Another profiteer appeared in Sinai's live broadcasting room: why is the price of Shengji pill so low? Double it again people: "

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