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The first female immortal in the three realms

The first female immortal in the three realms

The first female immortal in the three realms

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    The first female immortal in the three realms
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    This book is destined for me
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2022-01-22 07:40:23
[serious copy] Qinglan is a fairy in ancient times. She slept for 50000 years because of the chaos of the universe as a living fossil of the fairyland, after she came out of the fairyland, the emperor of heaven immediately asked her to live in the eightfold heaven to protect the supreme confidential - Tianshu library Li Yuan, the first God of war in the three worlds, and even emperor Mingxuan, need to call her aunt when they meet for others, you can only bow your head respectfully, bend down and shout: "greetings to grandma!" ... but no one knows that the great immortal Qinglan has actually died in that chaos. Now in her body is an ordinary five good young Zhao Qinglan although she doesn't know any magic, she has been reading shuangwen routine for many years. Coupled with her hard study, she began to start this journey by dressing B skills [small theater] "well, which immortal do you send? I will swallow the sky, spit the sea, turn the waves and cover the rain. I will not kill the unknown under the big knife of purple golden clam!" a burly male demon came out of the demon family array and shouted the Xianzu camp suddenly opened up, and a brilliant and extraordinary woman came out under the eyes of everyone's respect and worship she said coldly, "eight heavy heavens, Qinglan." the male demon raised his ears, shook his fist and said in a serious and loud voice: "I admire you. I'm inferior to others. Green mountains don't change and green water flows forever. Qinglan goes to the immortal. Next time we fight 300 rounds, goodbye!" [reading guide] 1. The female Lord knows everything, The five dregs of magic war 2. Men come out late, so it takes patience to knock candy 3. Change the text to win the hand 4. Please be harmonious in the comment area;

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