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Prime Minister s strategy

Prime Minister s strategy

Prime Minister s strategy

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    Prime Minister s strategy
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    Zuo Yiwu
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    Daily Novel
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2022-09-22 18:14:48
Just because she looked at the man more in the crowd, she inexplicably wore it to the Daying Dynasty without Tang and song. She refused in her heart in particular, the family feud secretly hurt the power struggle in the DPRK, and she was crushed by a high cold prime minister. She said she was very tired facing the officialdom where Lei waited for her to step on everywhere - at first, Prime Minister Yu narrowed his cold eyes and said, "I can't save myself, I saved you is also a waste." later, Prime Minister Yu raised his eyebrow and said, "keep your life and wait for me to save you." finally, Prime Minister Yu hooked his lip, "it's too dangerous outside. Come to my arms." she was depressed, "If you do this again, I'll ask for an explanation for my IQ." Yu Wei chuckled, "no, just rely on your face with me."

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