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Splendid heavenly heart

Splendid heavenly heart

Splendid heavenly heart

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    Splendid heavenly heart
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    Xiao He
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    Daily Novel
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2022-10-29 17:23:19
Dongfang embroidery was born into a grudge that had nothing to do with her. Although she was born in a famous family, she was despised and bullied because of her disgraceful life experience. Thanks to the guidance of a mysterious person, she secretly learned the handed down secret script of Dongfang family, practiced hard and became a hidden first-class expert in the Jianghu. In order to save her half sister who grew up together, she risked her life to stop her sister's unwilling engagement. Her fiance Xiao Linyun, who kidnapped her sister, went to Xuanyi Valley in southern Yunnan with her to find medicine to save people. Along the way, they saved the saint of Xuanyi family. The three walked together. They experienced a lot of things, and the grievances of the previous generation gradually surfaced. Xiao Linyun, who seems weak, actually has another plan. In all kinds of grievances, I don't know how the fate of the three will be arranged

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