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The reborn princess is powerful

The reborn princess is powerful

The reborn princess is powerful

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    The reborn princess is powerful
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    Xiao Yao
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    People Books
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2022-10-06 11:10:26
"death and life are broad and speak with your son. Hold your son's hand and grow old with your son. Life means life together, and death means death together. If you violate this oath, heaven and earth will not tolerate it..." she is the Pearl of the capital and the Pearl of the two generations of Dingbei Hou and Dingbei Hou's wife she was bright and flamboyant, like the scorching sun. She lived wantonly before meeting him unfortunately, she had no eyes in her last life. She believed that man by mistake, and was deceived by him into signing the mandarin duck alliance to live and die together in order to help him become the crown prince, they set the North Marquis house to go through fire and water for him and shed blood for him. However, she never thought that when the former Emperor was seriously ill and the throne was available, he designed the whole Dingbei Marquis house and successfully slaughtered the whole Dingbei Marquis house by using the first low-key legacy when the cunning rabbit dies, the running dog cooks, the birds run out, and the good bow hides since he dared to move her Dingbei Marquis house, she would naturally kill him for revenge but what she didn't expect was that the mandarin duck alliance really let them live and die together. She finally got her revenge, but she had to "live and die together" with her enemy live again, she is still the most dazzling pearl in the capital and still lives wantonly. However, in this life, she started from the moment she woke up, just to prevent him from getting to the dream position.

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