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Jiaojiao is proud in the end

Jiaojiao is proud in the end

Jiaojiao is proud in the end

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    Jiaojiao is proud in the end
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    Dumplings in soup are delicious
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-06-22 03:58:52
But one night, the world changed dramatically. There were many zombies. People were trapped in the city. Many people gained the power in this disaster, but the power was strange and seemed to be related to their previous experiences. Jiang Jiaojiao gained the water power< Br> Jiaojiao: it's my turn< Br> crowd: it's really the eldest lady. She's awesome! Call the eldest lady< Br> the power was instantly emitted in Jiao Jiao's hand, drenching the zombie with water< Br> Zombie: Thank you so much< Br> Jiao Jiao's heart: No, the car overturned< Br> the crowd felt bad and were ready to flee< Br> then the zombie slipped on the wet ground and wished you a happy New Year< Br> Jiaojiao: everything is under control< Br> crowd: Miss 666! She deserves to be the eldest lady!