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Yu Sui Chang an

Yu Sui Chang an

Yu Sui Chang an

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    Yu Sui Chang an
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    Twelve causes make jokes
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-02 03:58:08
Linjinyan, a noble daughter of the aristocratic family, was cheated by the infatuated scum man and Bai Lianhua. She made a poisonous oath: "the evil thief will taste the consequences of life and death!" With all his heart set on dying< Br> I never thought that she would be reborn twelve years ago. She must keep her relatives safe in this world! Tea to tea, lotus to Lotus! Isn't it just the acting skills of being spoiled and weak? I am a man of two generations. Can I lose to you< Br> sincere delivery? But covet the power behind her! Threatening her closest relatives? She let the world change!