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Professor Bo is a wife protector

Professor Bo is a wife protector

Professor Bo is a wife protector

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    Professor Bo is a wife protector
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    Xu Yuangui
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2023-03-27 10:02:31
He Wanqian has been in contact with Fu Sihe for three years, but she knows that Fu Sihe has never liked him and keeps her around, just because he Wanqian is a bit like the white moonlight in Fu Sihe's heart What Fu Sihe didn't know was that he Wanqian shouted the name of Bo Chengzhou once when he saw the man's eyebrows and eyes overlapping with the boy in his dream when he lay in Fu Sihe's arms many late nights in the midsummer of this year, the streets of Los Angeles were covered with posters of the famous pianist song Lanshan's world tour. The goddess in the poster sat gracefully in front of the piano. His slender five fingers seemed to be born for art. He Wanqian stood in front of the poster and looked at his five fingers holding a lancet all year round, which was somewhat dwarfed Song Lanshan came back. When Fu Sihe abandoned he Wanqian, it was like throwing away a piece of garbage one day, a chief physician, also surnamed Bo, was airborne from the Medical University. He Wanqian was named as the operation partner, but others couldn't "Why me?" He Wanqian doesn't understand? Just dumped by a man, she wants to quit "Professor Bo said you were the one she liked."< br>..... when meeting again in the operating room, he Wanqian thought whether he was dazzled by a man I can still see people who look like Fu Sihe it is not a substitute when the surgeon's mask is pulled off "long time no see." I heard that Professor Bo refused the invitation of a large hospital when he returned home and bent over here to chase his wife.

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