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All the stars are my losers

All the stars are my losers

All the stars are my losers

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    All the stars are my losers
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    The One Book
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2022-05-23 12:04:06
Ying Jiao was a zombie chopper when he was alive. He was the kind of big guy who could rush into the zombie pile and chop it with a watermelon knife Ying Jiao has made countless achievements in his life, and there are as many younger brothers and sisters as a feather in a cow of course, that was before death after death, you should be proud to cross. Wear to the interstellar world with developed science and technology and become a citizen of interstellar poverty in order to make a living without money, Ying Jiao began to challenge the famous Tianjiao in the stars. If she wins, she can get the autographed photos of Tianjiao and sell them back to their fans to make a lot of money; As for losing... That's impossible you should be proud of your men and never lose the Tianjiao of the whole star is my loser -- this is a personal statement this is the case: Ying Jiao only had one breath when he wore to the stars. Before the last breath disappeared, he was picked up and put in prison. Not to mention destitute citizens, they don't even have a legal identity! Even if she has no identity, she still owes someone a life-saving grace as we all know, it's not easy to save your life therefore, Ying Jiao did not dare to do his best against Shangji Hanyu every time. He lost again and again, and lost again and again. Finally, he even compensated himself