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The love writer just wants to do business

The love writer just wants to do business

The love writer just wants to do business

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    The love writer just wants to do business
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    Mountain city flower
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    Mountain Book
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2022-09-22 23:19:13
Xuanzi, the only SSS level top fast wear Tasker with mental strength, came to thousands of small worlds with system 38 to repair loopholes, eliminate the disqualification of female owners, restore the qualification of female owners and get the world back on track in order to recover his lost memory [host, in order to recover the heroine qualification more quickly, the system suggests that you find the hero who is also the favorite of heaven as soon as possible and have a sweet love with your lover!] "no, my lover is a career, and there is no career fragrance in love?" said darkly, but with an invincible domineering spirit so modern campus world: cold and grumpy men × (pseudo) Gao Leng's mistress "the mistress's family is going bankrupt. Let's find a man to fall in love!" xuanzi: Oh? Sorry, trying too hard, the family has become a real top-level family ancient Machiavellian world: Black Lotus white cut black male master × (pseudo) timid mistress "the identity of the mistress disguised as the prince of men is about to be exposed. The host should find the mistress to fall in love!" xuanzi: Oh? Sorry, Gong Dou was so addicted that he accidentally took the place of the male Lord and became the female emperor eschatological power world: calm big man × (fake) little white flower hostess "the hostess is about to be killed by a zombie. Please fall in love with the male hostess!" xuanzi: Oh? Sorry, it's so interesting to fight zombies. I directly became a full-scale leader of the base... How can a woman who only wants to take one career line in the dog blood romance world be broken the system 38 can only curl up in the corner with tears: [su... The host is powerful!] PS: the male master slices, all the same person, and the ending 1v1.