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Peach blossoms laugh at me

Peach blossoms laugh at me

Peach blossoms laugh at me

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    Peach blossoms laugh at me
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    Yun Jiuyan
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2022-01-14 21:25:35
The peach blossoms are blooming, the ground is fragrant, the peach blossoms are falling, and the spring is back I don't remember when it began her fate is no longer in her own hands she was lonely and helpless since childhood, and fortunately she was blessed by her grandmother God gave her a childhood sweetheart he vowed to marry her only in this life she thought she could spend her life in such an ordinary way unexpectedly, one day her grandmother died of illness, Childhood sweetheart wants to marry someone else and she needs to be married to Prince an's house in the name of happiness for the sake of family reputation she has a cool and pure nature she is unwilling to be manipulated by her fate starts planning to escape marriage unexpectedly, the return of cold faced general disrupts all her plans