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Koi has space for her husband in the s

Koi has space for her husband in the s

Koi has space for her husband in the s

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    Koi has space for her husband in the s
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    Gold treasure
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    Sky Book
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2023-05-25 10:39:37
Jiang xiaonuan, who died of grief in her life, was reborn. Thinking of the upcoming bad luck and miserable life, she wanted to hang herself with a rope as a result, he Yunsheng, who died because she was lame in her previous life, was accidentally saved. Xiao He Yunsheng also triggered a golden finger - space because she was no longer lame he Yunsheng: "I can put things in it." Jiang xiaonuan: "come with me to hide the baby and save my family's life with a hundred thousand fires!" he Yunsheng: "it seems that you can still plant things in it." JIANG xiaonuan: "Shh, don't tell me. You plant it secretly and we eat it secretly." a few years later, he Yunsheng became an agricultural rich man. Jiang xiaonuan and you are very happy, Patting him on the shoulder, he praised: "a little brother at home is a rich man, I am a salted fish, and I want to lie down!" he Yunsheng untied the two buttons on the collar of his shirt and narrowed his eyes with profound meaning: "isn't a husband at home a rich man? Wife, just lie down and I'll do everything!" Jiang xiaonuan:... the tragic rebirth of the previous life of the golden carp girl vs. the woman next to the woman triggered the golden finger loyal dog rough man

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