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After rebirth, she abused slag every day

After rebirth, she abused slag every day

After rebirth, she abused slag every day

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    After rebirth, she abused slag every day
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    Fei Yueting
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    Passion Novel
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2023-03-18 11:43:07
Su Qingyun lives a life again. She just wants to be a group pet. after she quits her marriage, her parents spoil her and are surrounded by beautiful maidservants. As long as she doesn't annoy the great devil of the previous life, life will be happy. who expected that one day, the great devil suddenly appeared in front of her and smiled gently and spoiled her: I've been happy with the girl for a long time. Can I marry Su Qingyun: can I refuse one day when he was drunk at the Palace Banquet, he hugged her with red eyes and was full of grievances: why not me she couldn't help being soft hearted and fell into his trap. Unexpectedly, he carefully laid the tenderness under the trap he silently guarded her for three years, sheltered her from the wind and rain, and laid thousands of miles for her - three years ago, Prince Xiao fell in love with a girl at the gate of the city. Since then, he has never forgotten who expected to meet for the first time, He heard that she had just been engaged the second time she met, she saw his men killing Xiao Sixuan's eyes darkened and his daughter-in-law ran away without any effort he sent flower cakes, gold and silver to the shop, thinking that one day he could send himself out

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