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Flower branch trembling Bodhi Heart

Flower branch trembling Bodhi Heart

Flower branch trembling Bodhi Heart

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    Flower branch trembling Bodhi Heart
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    Run away
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-23 18:42:42
A thousand years ago, the immortal devil war. After the "Bodhi crystal fruit" was stolen by the Supreme Master of the demon world at that time, it was transformed into "mysterious Bodhi" by magic. In a moment, the supreme treasure of the heaven became a murderous weapon. The devil's skill soared and he was ambitious. He launched a bloody battle with the heaven. This fruit is so powerful that it stirs people and Demons into chaos. It was not until a God in the divine world killed the demon at the cost of exhausting his divine power. In an instant, the mysterious Bodhi scattered red and white lights, gorgeous to the extreme. The white light swallowed up the red light, and the devil was scared when he stopped... The devil had been eliminated, and the three worlds were finally peaceful. However, there was no news of the God and the strange Bodhi. Since then, the divine world respected him as the ancestor and became a beautiful talk among the three realms... The next human woman was born, met a demon boy, entangled and solved the Millennium secret

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