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Dawn crisis

Dawn crisis

Dawn crisis

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    Dawn crisis
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    Ji Qingyi
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2022-01-21 09:32:00
Zhou Yunyi never really liked a person she's never the most beautiful, but someone always confesses to her and is rejected. The reason is: I think I like you, but it's only limited to friends. I can't accept holding hands and hugging when falling in love with you then the end came, at her gorgeous age of eighteen trapped for nearly a month, she was saved by a team and decided to follow them to the capital of the country, release new weapons that can make the zombies disappear, and fulfill her heroic dream in the last time when Zhou Yunyi was saving mankind, a sunny teenager gave her a desire to "move her heart" "Hello, my name is Su Hanhui" there is a fog filled conspiracy in front and a ferocious wave of zombies behind.