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It s said that the cold beauty is charming and hot

It s said that the cold beauty is charming and hot

It s said that the cold beauty is charming and hot

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    It s said that the cold beauty is charming and hot
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    Xi Naner
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    The One Book
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2023-03-18 22:08:11
[cool and extremely paralyzed beauty vs ruffian spirit, black belly and evil research boss] I heard that Professor Xie, a new upstart of the scientific research institute, is as noble and noble as a jade? But only Yundan knows that she is a wolf in sheep's clothing! * it is said that Yundan, the eldest miss of the Yunjia family, came from the countryside. It was only master Xie's clumsy eyes that took a fancy to her! But it was not until Yundan's waistcoats were pulled out one by one that all the people were shocked Ran Dawu! It turns out that the rumored rude and illiterate Miss Yun family is a hidden boss * it is said that Xie Xiao, the second master of the Xie family, is a powerful figure in the Scientific Research Institute at a young age. He is young and heroic. Many rich families want to plug their daughters in the past, but he is a ruthless master. In the past, those golden ladies who sent him in either hated him or were strangers, and none of them succeeded until he found out Yundan's true identity, he was extremely cold and ruthless. He had a facial paralysis, but he had a cold posture Xie Xiao - like not only to catch her, but also to save her from the fire< br> * [small theater] outside world: it is said that Professor Xie Jinwu cangjiao hid a beautiful little wife in the villa? Song Linyang, leader of team a of the intelligence office: the little wife? She is a cruel and cruel master with a poisonous and cold temper, so the boss can stand her? Xie Xiaofa xiaochuhe: obviously, she is a dangerous person! Xie Xiao still regards him as a treasure? She is about to move his Lingtian international Empty * PS: 1v1he, both clean and strong, the female leader is fierce, the male leader is a thief, the power is equal, the female leader has multiple identities, and the male leader is the same.

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