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The evil king wants to be redundant

The evil king wants to be redundant

The evil king wants to be redundant

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    The evil king wants to be redundant
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    Black haired Annie
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    Bestcar read
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2022-01-17 05:00:26
In a word, she is a bastard whose father is unknown and whose mother doesn't love. In a scam, she recruited a evil king as a redundant son-in-law = people hate: "why should you be the ninth princess if you have no face, talent or talent?" Tao yaonu: "bah, it's your prince who gave me the burden!" joking, she finally found someone who is really for her. Why did she give up. people advise: "she wants to look like she doesn't look like her, but she wants strength but she doesn't have strength? Why do you like her?" Yuanchen anger: "There is no woman in the world who looks better than me and can beat me. Do you want me to be single all my life?" joking, he finally found a little princess who can get into his heart. If he doesn't mark himself quickly, can he keep it for someone to rob?

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