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The great God just wants to sit, eat and die every day

The great God just wants to sit, eat and die every day

The great God just wants to sit, eat and die every day

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    The great God just wants to sit, eat and die every day
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    Chang'an fanmeng
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    People Books
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2023-04-23 05:09:27
For the former Fancheng, her life was, practice, war and meditation for Fancheng now, her life is to eat, sleep and bask in the sun Fancheng has lived for thousands of years and been lonely for thousands of years. She remembers that "when the heart is born, all kinds of dharmas will be born, and when the heart is destroyed, all kinds of dharmas will be destroyed". So far, she is not sad, unhappy, angry or crazy. She should purify her heart and follow her heart. She thinks this is what God should be like in this life, she is lucky to be a man. She doesn't want to return to the divine world. She wants to eat and die and be a carefree fairy in the world, but she doesn't want to be surrounded by "troubles", so that she finally knows how to cultivate her heart father: my daughter has been wandering all her life. She has never learned morality, tolerance, speech and work. Therefore, I plan to plan well and greedy for more silver to make her worry free all her life brother: my sister is weak and can't take care of herself. I won't be properly placed to marry anyone in my life. Therefore, I have made a plan not to marry all my life eldest sister: I must become the crown princess, or my sentimental sister, who will support her father a hundred years later Prince Lian: she is my beloved. Even if she is an enemy of the whole cultivation world, I will not retreat. If you want to hurt her relatives, it depends on whether we agree or not< br>……what? are you mistaken? Do you think you know the same person as us none of us wanted to be enemies with her. We just wanted to ask her for help. We always felt that the way the hostess opened it was wrong [turning your hand to the cloud and covering your hand to the rain, a woman who has no ambition vs a man who is just and warm and focuses on his career. Shuangwen]