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Wild lucky little landlord

Wild lucky little landlord

Wild lucky little landlord

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6100 ratings
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    Wild lucky little landlord
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    Jian Yue
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    Yipin Books
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2023-04-30 02:45:45
As soon as his eyes closed and opened, Xia, who found himself seriously shrunk and turned into a little savage, was slightly overjoyed in the face of the impending cold, simple tents and broken animal skins, she silently comforted herself that living is better than dying as a result, Xia Weiwei decided to gamble with them amid the dissatisfaction and dislike of the tribal people, and then methodically used various "inventions" such as fishing, storage, pottery burning and weaving to break the established fact of his own oil bottle, gradually change the paranoid view of the tribal people on his "little orphan" and use the "skill" of medicine, Step by step, let everyone understand their importance and indispensability from the beginning, she was not respected by everyone later. She worked hard for a long time she has worked hard for many years from hunger and cold to food and clothing when both body and mind are content with this dangerous but simple primitive world, Xia slightly resolutely stretches out his claws towards the little fool next door who has Koi constitution she swore that she only coveted the little fool's Koi physique she is sure that what she instills is the central idea of how to obey and love his wife therefore, when she broke the boy's vest, Xia Weiwei couldn't accept it for a moment. Sincerely, she asked if she could return it?!!!

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