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80 Meng s wife is a little sweet

80 Meng s wife is a little sweet

80 Meng s wife is a little sweet

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    80 Meng s wife is a little sweet
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    There is only a little meat in the stomach
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    Woske Novel
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2022-11-22 21:25:11
(s + Tian Wen) Before Qian Duoduo's position as the little god of wealth was hot, he was entrusted with an important task by his boss, the God of wealth God of wealth: "the Qin family in Dashi village are ten good people. They have no rice to cook. Go and help them get rich." QIAN Duoduo patted his chest: "guarantee to complete the task!" so Qian Duoduo was reborn to 80 she led the Qin family to farm... When she opened the factory, not only the Qin family became rich, but also Dashi village became rich QIAN Duoduo hurriedly reported to the God of wealth: "I've completed my task. Can I go back to heaven?" God of wealth: "don't worry. The Qin family boy doesn't have a wife yet. You can help him find a wife first." QIAN Duoduo:... she shouldn't be. She's the God of wealth. Shouldn't you find a wife in order to go back to heaven, Qian Duoduo had to help the Qin family introduce a blind date unexpectedly, the Qin family boy liked her as a matchmaker and threatened her, "I won't marry anyone except you." QIAN Duoduo suddenly felt that something bad was going on. Can she return to Tianting?