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An Neng cure

An Neng cure

An Neng cure

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    An Neng cure
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    Lovely loser
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2023-03-24 15:41:09
What's the difference between you five years ago and you five years later # -- when an Zhiyu and his childhood sweetheart were kissing to mend the old friendship, he was told by telephone that Yang ran was pregnant # speaker # -- many rebellions in the world are quantitative and qualitative changes. Always save enough disappointment, otherwise the courage will not come -- even if I know that this letter will become the talk of most people after dinner, and even annoy some people, even if it inspires one person, thank you. Everything I have done is worth it -- a word for everyone: no matter life or work, there will always be shadows on the road and sunshine when you look up. For those who love me, I want to say: I'm really sorry to let you see my most unkind appearance # cage # - "if you go out of this door today, you won't come back in your life!" - an Zhiyu stopped at the door, turned around and looked around jokingly, sneered: "you don't think this is home? For me, it's just a cage like hell." # bewitching # - he can and is willing to be her ferry, Send her from one side of the river to the other. Before reaching the destination, he will teach her how to resist the sadness of the world with warmth and companionship -- but in the eyes of an Zhiyu, he is not a ferry man, but a thief # heartache and heartache # -- Ann: "am I the one who can make you heartache?" -- Zeng: "you are the one who can make me heartache, not the one who can make me heartache!" -- Ann: "what's the difference?" -- Zeng: "the difference is that I can't give you the answer you want."

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