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    Le Buzhi
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2022-10-06 01:00:52
Recently, there have been rumors in the Jianghu that Hanqing Xianjun, who was kidnapped by God thousands of years ago, came back with a small doll carved in powder and jade Liu Hanqing looked at Xiao Liqing and smiled strangely: "Liqing, they said you were my son," Liqing was covered with black lines the little doll carved with powder and jade grew up overnight. Liu Hanqing looked at the man around him with mixed feelings he was the one who subverted the world for her and let her destroy Xiangen thousands of years later, she is no longer a natural and unrestrained, willful and reckless Han Qingxian Jun, just because she exchanged her blood for a love breaking him the world has changed for thousands of years. She has changed her face, forgotten the past, but failed to give up a love heaven and earth, fleeting years, his appearance has not changed, the past still exists, but he has not been able to retain a person fake and semi reliable female host x belly black Biao acting male host semi abusive and semi sweet. Be careful that there is glass residue in the sugar.

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