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Seven days of endless burning

Seven days of endless burning

Seven days of endless burning

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    Seven days of endless burning
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    Si Beixing
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2022-05-13 23:15:12
Life is a process of mending the soul countless times. Life is a subject. It is our choice whether to live vigorously or die quietly. Anyone has the most difficult, unwanted and annoying things he can accept. We always choose to give up and ignore what we don't want to see, so accepting these is the most difficult choice in life I remember the two sentences that hit my heart most in a recent movie: "I have experienced the neglect, abandonment and betrayal of countless people. Nevertheless, it is true to want to see them again." "you have grown up and can accept the departure and death of others." maybe this is the topic of life. I think life should not think about what you have lost, More should be what we got on this journey? Perhaps if we feel it from another angle, we will get real integrity and expected happiness. Beauty may derive from miracles, but it will not come from miracles. Only when we walk past, can we see the beautiful scenery.