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Legend of demon

Legend of demon

Legend of demon

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    Legend of demon
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2023-01-27 04:57:44
During the Pingyuan period, the world was in chaos and chaos. The Tuo clan invaded the Central Plains and wanted to dominate the world. They defeated all the sects with magic. At the critical moment, two women held an artifact made by heaven and earth - fire and ice sword, and worked together to cut the evil beast of the Tuo clan at the foot of the Xuanyao mountain. Since then, the Jianghu has returned to peace ferocious - he has a huge body with a pair of wings and two feet behind him. His skin is rough and his flesh is thick. Ordinary weapons can't pierce into his flesh. He is extremely fierce. He can trample on the dead with his feet. The roar is deafening and frightening numerous people in the central plains were killed and injured. Many sects fought with blood. Although they finally beat the Tuo clan out of the Central Plains, they have not been far away. They seem to be ready to wait for the opportunity to make a comeback with the end of the war, many sects rose and fell in the Wulin. Only the four families of Nanmen, Shangguan, Beichen and Li sect still stood in the Jianghu after the war, while the famous Yumen sect in its early years suffered heavy damage and its status was not as good as that in the past. After decades of rest, Jianghu wizards emerge in endlessly and gradually return to the prosperity of the past.

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