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Has the gorgeous beauty of the tyrant blackened

Has the gorgeous beauty of the tyrant blackened

Has the gorgeous beauty of the tyrant blackened

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    Has the gorgeous beauty of the tyrant blackened
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    Zuo Wu
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    Pc Books
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2022-06-23 11:46:23
Du Zhiruo didn't know until after his death that he was just a character living in the sadistic script -- it was the white moonlight that was haunted by the paranoid tyrant because of his early tragic death however, she died. It was absurd that someone told her that she was wearing the wrong dress and had to wear it again the script that really belongs to her should be the evil woman who is greedy for vanity, seeking but not, and annoying what the hell is this she has been arrogant all her life and is not afraid of death. As a result, when she is reborn, she will be driven into the dust How can this work What about a vicious girl? Want her to follow the script that's impossible. It's impossible in this life this time, she not only wants to rewrite her life, but also the ending of the whole script * she hates her abusive mistress and is her strongest assistant he dislikes her most and is her best ally even the tyrant who has never looked her in the eye will become her tool man, change the tyrant's habits and become a holy and wise monarch she is the unique gorgeous beauty in this book. She can go to the battlefield and take the head of the commander among the ten thousand troops to frighten the barbarians everywhere; Literature can dominate the world, turn the tide, and turn corruption into magic * seeing that everything is developing in the expected direction, she wanted to retire with success, but she was entangled by the tyrant who reformed she carried the small baggage ready to run away and said: come again, I'll kill you as a result, he had a stem in his neck and smiled more yin than her: wash it and kill it! Don't worry, I won't let you go you can't run away again in your life!

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