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The lady is delicate and spoiled!

The lady is delicate and spoiled!

The lady is delicate and spoiled!

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    The lady is delicate and spoiled!
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    Melaleuca Susu
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    18ws Read
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Bo Shao, who doesn't move at all, finally gets married it is said that Mrs. Bo is jealous and sets family rules on her wedding night: Mr. Bo must go home all night and no socializing Mr. Bo is not allowed to have a female creature around him slowly... Everyone in Jiangcheng knows that Bo Shao's wife is a tigress on the wedding anniversary, Bo Shao appeared with his wife, Mrs. Bo is young, beautiful and delicate, take one step, and Bo Shao took ten steps with her Mrs. Bo glanced at the man more, Bo Shao immediately secretly frustrated that he was going to bring down the man's company everyone cried - What about the agreed life after marriage Mrs. Bo looked at everyone's eyes and bit her lower lip: "Bo Jingyan, you're ruining my reputation outside again!" Mr. Bo coaxed solemnly: "the woman outside is fierce! Baby, you have to protect me." Mrs. Bo blushed with anger: obviously every night... He took care of her!