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He s sore

He s sore

He s sore

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    He s sore
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    Small brocade deer
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2022-01-26 11:35:37
When I was young, I lived in city B, living with my parents my parents spoil me very much, but they are also very strict with me but I can't blame them. I was born in such an excellent family I heard from my mother that my father has a company called what group What's your name My name is Shen Luoyi My name is from my mother Mom: I hope my baby daughter is as beautiful as a fairy one day when I was six years old, my parents brought a little boy he is one year older than me his name is Zhou Baijia he was adopted by his parents in the orphanage. His parents are very kind to him my parents didn't even look at me these days I hate him... he took my parents... So these are all my things once I deliberately made my father angry to see if he would say me his father actually told me and locked me in his room< After a while, my father asked me: you know it's wrong SHEN Luoyi: I don't know I'm wrong Dad: what are you talking about SHEN Luoyi: I'm not wrong Dad: the child's mother, you're here What's the matter with mom Dad: the girl made a mistake... Mom: I apologized to Dad SHEN Luoyi: why should I apologize to him Mom: he's your father SHEN Luoyi: you have never been a qualified father SHEN Luoyi: what do you say about me SHEN Luoyi: the children adopted from the orphanage are closer than your own children SHEN Luoyi: an outsider... SHEN Luoyi: why do you