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After getting engaged to big Shen

After getting engaged to big Shen

After getting engaged to big Shen

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    After getting engaged to big Shen
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    Beichuan yunshang brocade
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    Daily Novel
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2022-05-06 04:08:47
The two top giants of Shen and Ming have married as the object of marriage, Professor Ming is addicted to scientific research and education and psychological construction. He is really numb with the great demon Shen Tinglan they don't even bother to play on the occasion. Mingqianye doesn't want to be dissolved by the great demon king all the time however, due to their high immortal appearance, talent and ability, CP powder came uninvited, expecting them to interact every day, ask for dog food and fit, and strive to find evidence of their love... Professor Ming finally sent a message to have a showdown with the great demon king - [senior, I actually want to have a fake love with you!] the great demon king: [call my husband, and I'll fall in love with you.] Professor Ming frowned: [I don't want to fall in love!] the great demon king called directly: "why? Just donated the laboratory and teaching building, I said last night that I did well, and turned away the next day? I learned to cheat money and color?" Professor Ming was surprised: "I'm not, I'm... Participating in the program..." then 'Dudu...' the phone hung up! the audience in the live studio exploded: [was that from the mouth of big Shen Qingjun?] [how did the devil Shen perform last night? Was it the color I thought?] [can you describe the details? We don't lack this traffic!!!]