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The boss is hard to coax

The boss is hard to coax

The boss is hard to coax

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    The boss is hard to coax
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    Chestnut rice strip bottom
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2022-06-14 03:04:15
Intern barristers with higher education in the whole network × Abstinence is the boss of the black horse law firm ... when Xiao Nian first contacted Xi Muyun, he gave him the name of a cold and sultry man. He also threatened that he would never see the man with empty skin. Later, he slapped his face "Mr. Xi, have a cup of tea..." "No." "..." "Mr. Xi, have something to eat and I'll... " No. ""... "" Mr. Xi, how about this suit? I chose it myself. "" No. - later, Xi Muyun finally couldn't help asking Xiao Nian why she suddenly became enthusiastic in this regard, Xiao Nian said: "didn't you say you liked me with your sister-in-law?" "when did I..." before her voice fell, Xi Muyun suddenly remembered that in order to send her sister-in-law away quickly, she said a hundred meters away from Xiao Nian: "just think I like Xiao Nian." as soon as she looked down, she saw Xiao Nian's complacent expression so this guy can read lips? No wonder he started yelling all day.

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