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Kangzhuang boss was divorced again

Kangzhuang boss was divorced again

Kangzhuang boss was divorced again

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    Kangzhuang boss was divorced again
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    Xiaolu Yaoyao
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    Wine Novel
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2023-01-24 19:40:25
At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Kangjia wax was famous all over the world. In the prosperous and prosperous north of Beijing, no one was dominant for a hundred years when I met Kang's sedan, chariot and luggage on the way, I half knelt down to salute the noble Minister of the previous dynasty after learning about the wedding of the Kang family, the imperial concubines of the harem presented them with treasures people all over the world say that it's better to offend the king, sun and nobles than those with Kang characters Kang family wax rules: pass on men but not women that's why the old man of the Kang family ordered the young lady to give birth to a young childe. The whole family rewarded her with fifty Liang for delivering her mother-in-law but on the second day after Mrs. Kang's birth and death, two nanmu coffins were carried out from Kang's house. All the midwives who wanted money in the north of Beijing were missing it is rumored that the young man is not a young childe, and the title and glory of the wax king of the Kang family cannot be preserved it is also rumored that the Kang family killed the midwives to cover up the fact that there were no children. One nanmu coffin was carried by the young lady, and the other was seven midwives on that night, the Kang family received a secret letter from her aunt in the palace. The young lady gave birth, and the midwife took the money to find another way out ten years later: Kangzhuang courtyard came out, young master Republic of China Express: the young master of the great Hengkang family, who dominates the business world, is actually a daughter Business Express: Mrs. Kang's fourth bedroom divorced last night Kang family: alas, our young master is on the news again Kang Guanqi: come on, who won the last lap? I'll sleep tonight ladies: is the master coming to divorce?

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