2024 Shelby Mustang Super Snake
The Shelby Mustang Hell Stalker Is An 830-bhp Darkhorse
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I have a confession to make, the Shelby Mustang Hellstalker doesn’t exist. I made up the name to capture the essence of what it is. The car is actually called the Shelby Super Snake, and it’s available for sale in the UK exclusively through luxury-high-performance car dealer specialist Clive Sutton. But brace yourself for the price, it’s £220,000 all-in. That’s a hefty sum to pay for a Ford.

A standard Ford Mustang will set you back £55,000 new, featuring a 453 bhp, 5.0-litre V8. These cars depreciate rapidly, like a bound and gagged mafia victim sealed in a concrete tomb sinking into the ocean, so used examples will be cheap as chips, as the old saying goes.

However, the Mustang Super Snake is re-engineered by the legendary firm Shelby and is upgraded in every aspect. Limited to just 250 examples worldwide, the Shelby Super Snake is available in both left- and right-hand drive, and in both coupe and convertible forms. It boasts a supercharged 830 hp V8 engine.

The new model is available in fastback or convertible form, with either a manual or automatic transmission. As the highest-performing Shelby ever made, the 830 horsepower Super Snake is powered by an uprated 5.0-litre V8-powered Mustang that features numerous enhancements, from upgraded suspension and improved cooling to bigger brakes and a high-flow exhaust.

The Shelby model also includes lightweight improvements such as an aluminium bonnet, magnesium wheels, and a carbon fibre rear wing, which is claimed to contribute to the car’s improved agile handling.

2024 Shelby Mustang Super Snake
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