Urban Automotive Rolls Royce Ghost Innit - Master Stance
Rolls Royce Ghost Exclusively Stanced By Urban Automotive Innit
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The days of the oligarchs are coming to an end because the common man has taken back control, innit. In this case, the common man is represented by Urban Automotive, an aftermarket styling enforcer whose mission is to embody the common man’s stance in their restyled and modified vehicles. Urban Automotive represents all of us, the many standing against the few who want us to “eat zee bugs” or be content with owning nothing.

There is bespoke luxury as defined by Rolls Royce, and then there is the Urban Automotive way… innit. The squad based in Milton Keynes has restyled the Rolls Royce Ghost according to their vision. It is completely stanced out with a replacement carbon fiber front bumper, visual carbon fiber splitters, and a two-piece trim overlay.​

Urban Automotive Rolls Royce Ghost Innit - Rear Stance

Urban’s comprehensive range of enhancements consists of over 40 individual components, including lower door sills and a rear lip spoiler in carbon fibre.​

Urban Automotive Rolls Royce Ghost Innit - Side Stance

The design upgrades are reinforced with a choice of two all-new premium forged Urban Vossen wheels, in 22-inch or 24-inch diameter.​

Urban Automotive Rolls Royce Ghost Innit - Front Stance

An optional, fully customisable Milltek performance exhaust is also available, unlocking more potential from the Ghost’s powerful V12 engine and providing an elevated soundtrack to match Urban’s visual enhancements.

Cost? At this level cost is irrelevant… innit.

Urban Automotive Rolls Royce Ghost Innit - Master Stance
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