Bimmer Widebody Mod - BMW 15 by @ildar _project
This Widebody BMW i5 Is The Incredible Hulk of Bimmer Mods
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The Instagram car community perceives the design of the new pure electric BMW i5 (G60) as just a step away from being acceptable. In response, Instagram user @ildar_project has taken it upon himself to address what he sees as design shortcomings from BMW’s Design HQ. Their initial move in the aftermarket BMW modification process? The incorporation of a widebody kit…

Following the design overhaul, the next move involves lowering the ride height – task completed. In lieu of opting for a substantial rear wing, @ildar_project decided to opt for a rear boot spoiler featuring a gurney flap to uphold a more classic aesthetic.

Bimmer Widebody Mod - BMW 15 by @ildar _project - Rear

The BMW i5 is available in the UK at a price of £74,000 for the 340bhp eDrive40 M Sport variant. For those seeking top-notch performance, the i5 M60 xDrive is a powerhouse with an impressive 601bhp, accelerating from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds.

While its top speed might be an afterthought, the estimated range for this model is an estimated 280 miles.

But let us point out one flaw, this modified 15 is actually a CGI render and exists only in the memory banks of a company.

Bimmer Widebody Mod - BMW 15 by @ildar _project
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