MKBHD Reviews “Weirder Than You Think” Cybertruck

It’s Tesla Day here on the Daily Car Blog, and we want to clarify that we have no commercial or official relationship with Tesla Inc in any capacity. Despite this, we’ve learned that, from time to time, Elon Musk reads this car blog, which we find quite peculiar, leading us smoothly to the discussion of the Cybertruck. In our view, the Cybertruck is an extraordinary piece of design that will one day become an exhibit in design museums across the world.

However, in the current context, its exterior design tends to polarize opinions. But we really do like the industrial design language, considering it perhaps the most architecturally styled vehicle we’ve ever seen.

The Cybertruck stands out as a pickup truck like none before, and according to MKBHD, it’s “weirder than you think.” Admittedly, we took his words out of context for a bit of clickbait, but watching the video is essential to grasp his actual perspective.

The tech-savvy YouTuber, with early access to a pre-production test vehicle, shares his insights in the review.

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