MKBHD Presents The Lucid Gravity
MKBHD Levitates His Thoughts on the Lucid Gravity

MKBHD describes the Lucid Gravity as “the new kid on the block” and “likely the most important vehicle for this company.”

New kid? Yes. The most important vehicle for Lucid? No. Every vehicle Lucid produces is inherently significant because, at present, according to industry analysts, each car costs $330,000 to manufacture. The Lucid Air retails at $82,000, with top-tier models fetching over $130,000.

Lucid is in trouble. Currently, its investors possess deep pockets, but the question lingers: How long can Lucid endure with such per-vehicle losses? The survival of Lucid hinges on its investors; once they reach their limit, the Lucid project could be in jeopardy.

At present, Lucid is projected to manufacture 10,000 vehicles in 2023—insufficient for long-term survival. However, with an estimated total liquidity of $5.45 billion, Lucid possesses a substantial cash reserve, and the launch of the Gravity creates the impression of a company seemingly devoid of any concerns.

The Lucid products are undoubtedly fantastic, and it would be a pity to witness the company’s decline. However, if there is no significant consumer demand, the projection of manufacturing 10,000 vehicles becomes rather pointless. In any case, MKBHD has the opportunity to tour the new Lucid Gravity SUV.

MKBHD Presents The Lucid Gravity
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