Lewis Hamilton Urges Immediate Ceasefire In The Israel-Palestine Conflict
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Sir Lewis Hamilton has voiced his concerns about the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Taking to his Instagram account, Hamilton called on world leaders to commit to a complete cessation of war in the region. The conflict escalated when Israel initiated a carpet bombing campaign in response to military attacks by Hamas on October 7. Israel designates Hamas as a terrorist organization, while sympathizers view them as freedom or resistance fighters engaged in a struggle for liberty and justice from constant Israeli attacks and sanctions.

In his Instagram feed, Hamilton wrote:

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“My heart breaks to see the innocent lives lost in Israel and Palestine, and all the lives changed forever,”

“The impact of the ongoing suffering and loss is devastating and it is inexcusable that innocent people, children in particular, are being targeted. We cannot accept that.”

We need to come together more than ever,” he continued.

“There is so much pain and sadness, we need to join forces and put pressure on our leaders. They must do everything they can to find a way to end this. We should not rest until every child in the region is safe.”

The Blockade of Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip, measuring 25 miles in length and 5 miles in width, has been under Israeli blockade since Hamas was elected to power in 2007. This blockade has significantly impacted the 2.5 million Gazan population, leading some international observers to characterize Gaza as an open-air prison. Others label it as the world’s largest concentration camp, citing documented human rights abuses by the Israeli military against the population.

The military campaign initiated by Hamas on October 7 targeted the IDF, Israel’s military infrastructure. However, among the 1,200 people killed, a number were Israeli citizens. Survivors of the Hamas attack have provided eyewitness accounts, stating that many of the deceased were indeed killed by the IDF, which, under panic and stress, shot randomly at anyone during the ongoing firefight.

In response to the Hamas attacks, the IDF launched a devastating bombing campaign, reducing much of Gaza to rubble. Among the 2.5 million citizens in Gaza, half of the population consists of children. It’s estimated that 25,000-30,000 people are part of the Hamas military wing known as al-Qassam.

The Bombing of The Gaza Strip

Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip aims to eradicate and incapacitate the operational capabilities of Hamas definitively. However, this goal has proven challenging, as for every Hamas fighter killed, approximately 100 Gazan civilians have perished. The extensive Israeli bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip has resulted in the devastation of large areas, causing the death of over 10,000 innocent civilians, with half of them being children.

Countless more individuals are buried under the rubble of bombed-out buildings, their corpses decaying in the aftermath of the destruction. The landscape in large parts of Gaza now resembles a post-apocalyptic scene of death and smouldering ruins.

Israel’s Funding of Hamas

The claim that the Israeli government has been secretly funding Hamas since its inception, channelling money through mosques and anonymous donations for the past 30 years, is preposterous. It seems ludicrous to imagine Israel would fund a terrorist organisation with an explicit plan to attack itself, but it is absolutely true as outlined in an article published by the Times of Israel.

This plan has a simple goal, to divide and conquer. The ensuing chaos caused by Hamas firing rockets into Israel gives Israel the green light to launch a counterattack and cease more Palestinian territory in the process.

Gaza’s Untapped $1 Trillion Dollar Oil And Gas Wealth

Israel states its intention to eradicate Hamas from the Gaza Strip, but some argue that it serves as a cover for ethnic cleansing. The perceived goal of Israel is twofold: to depopulate the Gaza Strip and seize the entire territory. This strategy is believed to be driven, in part, by the desire to gain access to the Gaza Strip coastline, where an estimated $1 trillion worth of natural gas and oil is believed to be waiting to be extracted from beneath the sand and sea.

The Hamas military attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, has given Israel the green light to launch a “Trojan campaign.” On the surface, this campaign is purportedly designed to remove Hamas from power. However, some argue that its true aim is the acquisition of the Gaza Strip and eventual access to its oil and gas resources.

The profound human suffering on both sides is callously dismissed as mere collateral damage by those in positions of authority, who, driven by self-serving motives, unflinchingly endorse decisions that exclusively serve the interests of a privileged few within the realms of business and the military.

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