Car Makeover Tips - Vinyl Wrap
5 Ways To Give Your Car A Makeover Without Harming Its Value

Because cars are not eternal assets, it’s important to keep up with general maintenance schedules and prioritize repairs as the need arises. But even with ongoing maintenance and care, constant wear and tear can inevitably degrade the aesthetics of your car.

But when it comes to car modifications, a large number of upgrades can actually degrade value even more. The mods that devalue cars the most include novelty decals, underbody lighting, lowered suspension, niche seats upholstery, and tinted windows.

So, if you’re not ready to splurge on a new ride but want to give your current car a new lease on life, here are five worthwhile ideas.

Vinyl Wrap

If your car’s paint job is starting to look a bit tatty, you might be dreading the costs of auto repainting services. Fortunately, there is another more affordable option. Vinyl wraps are the perfect long-lasting alternative to a pricey paint job.

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Paint protection film is another top option if you’re looking for a way to preserve auto paint. Calgary PPF services are also fast and affordable. These films come with a ten-year warranty, so you won’t need to budget for a replacement any time soon either.

Replace The Carpets

Car carpets tend to lose their appeal rapidly. With so much wear and tear from foot traffic, it’s easy to understand why. You might not often notice your carpets, but replacing them with new ones will make a major difference to the look of your car’s interiors. New carpets are also incredibly affordable, even when shopping for quality.

Re-Do The Seats

If your car’s seats are increasingly shabby, you might feel tempted to reach for a quick, cheap fix like tacky car seat covers. However, these seat covers won’t last long, and they often don’t fit properly.

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On the other hand, reupholstering the seats to restore the original seats is a great idea. This car improvement will boost vehicle value substantially and make your travels a lot more comfortable. That said, steer clear of reupholstery styles that don’t match the original interiors, as they might degrade value.

Upgrade The Audio

While there’s no need to install the largest subwoofer in the trunk, upgrading the audio system in your car will increase value. New speakers and a better interface can transform your comfort and improve the look of the interiors. But bear in mind that you shouldn’t install an aftermarket sound system that aims to turn a car into a mobile speaker.

Polish Or Replace The Headlights

Moggy headlight covers are more than an unsightly cosmetic flaw; they can be a safety hazard. If your car’s headlights are hardly transparent, it’s worthwhile to polish them or replace them. This tiny detail will give your car a new look, and you won’t need to spend much at all.

Upgrading and repairing cosmetic flaws on your car is as important as maintaining the engine when it comes to upholding vehicle value. Simply polishing the headlights, restoring the seats, replacing the carpets, upgrading the audio, and investing in a vinyl wrap can leave your old car looking brand new.

Car Makeover Tips - Vinyl Wrap
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