Qatar Grand prix - Max Verstappen secures third world title
Its Veni Vidi Vici For Max Verstappen
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Max Verstappen secured his third world driver championship at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix sprint race. A Formula One sprint race is like a sandwich without meat, however, Verstappen strategically garnered enough points with a second-place finish to clinch an inevitable third title. Meanwhile, teammate Sergio Perez’s aspirations for the title had faded long ago, and he has become little more than a mathematical impediment for Verstappen.

The Perez equation unravelled in the gravel trap as a three-way battle unfolded, leading to the Red Bull driver being forcefully ejected from the race by Esteban Ocon. Perez, an unwitting participant, found himself caught off guard by Ocon’s slip-sliding manoeuvres. With statistical uncertainties now eliminated, Verstappen confidently clinched his third-world title.

However, amidst the championship drama, there was the matter of a gripping 19-lap sprint race, ultimately claimed by the victorious rookie wunderkind Oscar Pisatri.

While the victory on Saturday in the sprint races doesn’t translate to tangible prizes, the real financial stakes unfold on Sundays. The Saturday sprint races, restricted to four in an F1 season, serve a dual purpose—providing entertainment value, boosting viewership and serving more ads… we must have more ads.

So then, Max Verstappen, 13 wins from 16 races contested so far this season, a total of 48 career wins and three world titles in the bag. He’s made it look easy then again the best often do.

2023 Qatar Grand Prix Sprint: Results

1 Oscar PIASTRI McLaren 19 laps

2 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull +1.871

3 Lando NORRIS McLaren +8.497

4 George RUSSELL Mercedes +11.036

5 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes +17.314

6 Carlos SAINZ Ferrari +18.806

7 Charles LECLERC Ferrari +19.860

8 Alexander ALBON Williams +19.864

9 Fernando ALONSO Aston Martin +21.180

10 Pierre GASLY Alpine +21.742

11 Valtteri BOTTAS Alfa Romeo +22.208

12 Yuki TSUNODA AlphaTauri +22.863

13 Lance STROLL Aston Martin +24.523

14 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas +24.970

15 ZHOU Guanyu Alfa Romeo +26.868



Esteban OCON Alpine

Sergio PEREZ Red Bull 

Logan SARGEANT Williams

Liam LAWSON AlphaTauri

Qatar Grand prix - Max Verstappen secures third world title
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